The simplest way to stop mold, bacteria and viruses

Combat and Prevent Bacteria, Mold and Viruses Indoors with Gelair

Gelair™ is the best treatment option to manage an entire air conditioning system. Not only does it treat the air passing through the system, it also treats the Air Handling Units (AHU), the ducts, diffusers and the room.

  • 100% natural Australian Tea Tree Oil.
  • Simple to install. Needs no additional energy to operate. Lasts up to three months.
  • Stops the replication of viruses (including HSV & H1N1).
  • Kills mold and prevents associated odours.
  • Kills bacteria with no resistance issues (including Legionella) and prevents their odours.
  • Treats the air, the ducts and the room serviced by the air conditioning and ventilation system.

Which Gelair™ product do I need?

  • For high volume, high flow ducted air conditioning systems, use Gelair™ Air Conditioning Block.
  • For Split or Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems, use Gelair™ Health-e SPLIT.
  • For general purpose sterilising and cleaning, use Gelair™ All Purpose Steriliser and Cleaner.
  • For removing built-up grime in the air handling unit, use Gelair™ Coil and Duct Cleaner.
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