Exclusive Coaching and Mentoring for Air Hygiene Service Providers

Airhygiene Training Director, David Jones, holds a wealth of practical knowledge and experience in the HVAC industry.

With over 36 years experience in the HVAC industry, Jones is keen to share his knowledge and support those working in the air hygiene space.

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David Jones Airhygiene Training

Online Coaching

Chat about the everyday challenges you face, specific issues you are working through or future directions for your career.

David is seasoned in all areas of HVAC and is a wealth of knowledge and practical skills. Jobs big or small, he can offer valuable insight and industry-insider tips.

Industry Mentoring

Along with insider industry tips and group coaching, you will recieve one-on-one sessions to explore issues that are specific to your career journey.

We offer three levels of mentoring, designed to suit the industry rookie through to the well established technician.

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Gold Package
Titanium Package